Monday, November 22, 2010

RATTAN TEXTILES - Padharo mhare des....

I first came to know about Ratan textiles by a friend of mine from Delhi around 2 years ago. When i visited the store then, it was close to 830pm and the store was in the midst of shutting down. I remember feeling like a kid in a candy store, seeing their gorgeous stuff. However seeing that i had absolutely no time i quickly picked up a pair of gorgeous 'rajasthani' print cushions. One of them, a nice pink cushion (as you can see in the chair below) has always been a conversation point whenever friends came home, Ever since then i have wanted to go back there.

the pink cushion on the left is a 'Ratan'

 This november i finally did get the opportunity to visit their store. Ratan is located in the very popular and lovely Meherchand market in delhi. So on a diwali morning i decided to visit their store. As i walked down the market, i could see their store facade at a distance, beautifully decorated with marigold flowers. This time round i had all the time in the world and thankfully no one to crib about how late it was getting; so i was quite relieved! Ratan textiles is originally from Jaipur and they are known to export their stuff all over.

One might find Ratan to be similar to the Anokhi stuff but far more reasonably priced. I especially loved their range of mens and womens-wear on the 2nd floor. 
the mens shirts prices start from Rs 420/-

As always the women have all the options

i love this print!!

The sweet lady assistant at the store patiently showed me all their stuff ; though the manager was quite disinterested in my enthusiasm (just like the last time).

" Err! can i please be spared of your un-necessary jibber-jabber !"

I also got to see some of their signature rajasthani printed cushions. 
add that bright splash of colour to a dull corner with this cute pillow

i had bought this from my last trip

The range of home furnishings - including bed covers, bed sheets, quilts, etc. were quite colourful. The best part about them was that they were quite reasonably priced too.


single and double bed-sheets/spreads

If one is looking for gifts to give then this is definitely the place to come to. Lovely hand-made paper boxes, exam pads with beautiful prints, cards, etc. My absolute favs were a pair of exam-pads in orange and turqouise blue. One had a print of the eiffel tower while the other had the leaning tower of Pisa. And each cost Rs. 99/- only !!!
note the orange exam-pad with the leaning tower of Pisa, at the rear end of the 3rd shelf!

colourful note pads

Address : - 21-22, Meharchand market, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.
Tel - 011-24657600 


  1. Gorgeous stuff:-)

    Next time I'm in Delhi I know the places to visit:-)

  2. lovely stuff,its nice to hear you were in delhi.nice to hear about ratan.will visit ratan and let you know karthik..

  3. Hey Karthik!
    I'm off to Delhi in December... plan to visit Rattan. Thanks for the warning about the owner. I'm usually put off by staff/proprietors like that but the store looks too good to miss. Perhapse I'll make a point to him.

    Congratulations on the blog!

  4. Hi Karthik,
    I'm from Dubai! I'm a great admirer of Arch's Rangdecor! I came across ur blog recently! lovely n quite interesting! thks for recommending Rattan! when I visit delhi, I'll plan for it! I've seen ur home in Arch's blog! Quite beautiful and inspiring!

  5. hey jakooo...good to hear from you!! Well dont think the owner was being rude, he just seemed reserved and un-interested in my excitement. that's all :-)

    @ viji - thanks for the compliments. Do visit ratan, it's lovely. There is an antique shop few stores away from it and a lovely bookl store which i will be blogging about soon :-)

  6. Hi Varnam
    it's aliie, i met you at the hundred hands exhibition. I love this store....
    You've got a lovely house!

  7. thanks alicia...loved your stuf too!!

  8. Hello! Your newest follower. Happened to see your store being mentioned on Rang Decor.
    I will stop by your store when I come visiting Bangalore.
    Keep up the great work!